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  1. Everything Eden says

    Loved this post! This is a great help for me because I am hoping to go to college next year. Also such beautiful photos hun, can’t wait for more college posts! Have a fab week! xx

  2. Life As Najida says

    I totally agree with the dressing up situation. I’m constantly living in jumpers😂 Once the first week was over, everyone’s just dressing up more casually. Loved the post xx

  3. The diary of Ellie says

    I left high school and started college in 2015 (wow i sound old ahah) and i made friends straight away and by the end of 2nd year i was rocking up in unbrushed hair and joggers because no one cares that you wear hahah!x

    • Rosetintedpics says

      Aww hahaha, that will be me. 😂😂 Some people came quite dressed up on the first days 😳 while I was in leggings haha but I suppose everyone has their own style! Thank you for reading Ellie xx

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