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  1. alexandraageorgiaa says

    Ahh I loved this!! I had a scrapbook but I completely forgot about it until I saw your post! Looks lovely. PS: I love LALALAB and I need some more pictures so I’ll definitely be using your code! xx

  2. Amelia says

    this will sound weird but i completely forgot we had the same name haha! what an incredible post though, i have always wanted to start a scrapbook but have never known where to begin so this is brilliant for me! i love the quality of your photographs too! Xxx

    • Rosetintedpics says

      Awww thank you eden! Yaaay I’m so pleased! It’s so lovely to look back on isn’t it! I’m going to make it my mission to carry on with it! Aww that’s so nice, I’ll definitely share more when i’ve made some more progress xxx

  3. Clayaa says

    Oooohhh I LOVED reading this post! I bloody love scrapbooks and have lots of tickets and things I want to put into a scrapbook but I need to buy one! I’ve not heard of this app before but I love the idea behind it, I will need to check it out. Gorgeous photos as well as always, they look professional! Clare xx | https://www.clayaa.com

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