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  1. Elin says

    Congrats Amelia, 3 years is such an amazing milestone (I’m going to hit mine on Wednesday and can’t believe it either!) I’ve loved reading all your posts over the past few years and I can honestly say that you’ve become one of my fave bloggers! Your posts are always fab and I can’t wait to read more of what you have to say in the future. Here’s to the next three years!xx

  2. gold wrappings says

    Congrats on your 3-year-blogiversary, Amelia! I have to say, I first discovered your blog when I myself was at the start of my blogging journey and since then I have been absolutely loving you and your blog! You’ve been one of my favs since the very start and I can’t wait to follow you through your journey and watch you grow.

  3. Sophie says

    Congrats! 3 years is an amazing milestone (I hit mine in January) & i’ve Loved reading your blog for the last year or so! Didn’t know you were from Yorkshire – I lived there all my life near Leeds until 2016 when I moved to Wiltshire x

  4. Najida | Life As Najida says

    Congrats Amelia!!!🎉🎉 Im so proud of you and seeing how much you have achieved! Persuing beauty and blogging is definitely a great choice because you are so good at it already. Happy 3rd blogvirsarry lovely!❤

  5. Eden says

    Happy 3 years lovely that’s amazing! I love your blog so much I can’t wait to see what the future holds for it! Xx

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