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  1. Erin says

    I only just came across your Instagram account and then saw you posted a new blog post. This is the first of your blog post I’ve read but I loved it. I loved the layout of your blog, your style. I will definitely sticking around. Erin xx

  2. TASH | ThoughtfulTash says

    These are such helpful tips for revision, I totally use loads of them! I find it is always good to make them flexible as it’s IMPOSSIBLE just to sit there all day, I always find myself wondering to the fridge or my laptop haha! I love to start as early as possible, so then early evening I can just CHILL with the family, or catch up with whatever I’ve missed during the day! Loved the post! xx

    • Rosetintedpics says

      Aw thanks so much Tash, so glad you found them helpful! Hahaha definitely! I have the same issues! I just end up getting distracted after a certain amount of time 🙈 Yes, that sounds like a good plan of balancing it! Thank you as always Hun! 💗

  3. Najida | Life As Najida says

    This is the perfect post and has come up at the perfect time! I’m in year 11 aswell and in my school they made us do mock exams on the second week back. They told us that on the last week of year 10 but I barely revised anything because I was so busy this summer. My school did that to show us how it would feel if we didn’t put the effort in and everyone was so down after getting the results

    My next mocks are in January so I will definitely take these tips in mind. Also, I’ve created a revision timetable for this holiday and for term 2. I’m making flashcards with questions for each topic for each subject so than it takes the work load off next year during revision time. Instead of making revision materials next year, I’ll have more time questioning and improving my learning. I’m going to check out your revision timetable right now! Lovely post as always xx

    • Rosetintedpics says

      Hi Najida, I’m SO so sorry for the late reply! I’ve only just seen your comment some how 🙈 Aw thank you, I’m so glad you found it helpful! Yes, my school didn’t give me much notice either! It’s so hard to find time to revise for every subject when each subject teacher is telling you to revise loads for their subject 😩 Ah yes, that doesn’t sound good then. They should be trying to make you feel positive about your exams, not the opposite ☹️ Honestly don’t worry about the grades you are getting now, we still have half the year left to go to improve. The grades you are getting now are not going to be the grades you get in the end with months left for revision! Aw that sounds great! Yes, good idea! I’ve started to do that for some of my subjects e.g history that requires a lot of notes. Thanks so much for reading lovely and best of luck with your mocks in January! 💗

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