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  1. Caz says

    I hate to admit that I’ve never actually tried the Botanics range, despite looking at it so many times! The scrub is one I’d really like to try out, but they all sound lovely – spoilt for choice!

  2. Sophie Maie says

    All of these products look and sound lovely!! I also totally agree skincare should always be included in your daily routine, I used to be terrible at taking care of my skin and it was showing but after taking a bit more time to care for my skin I’ve seen a huge difference. I’ll definitely be giving these products a try one day xx

    • Rosetintedpics says

      They are such lovely products, I’ve been so impressed so far! Yes, it really does make a difference! When I first started to wear makeup I didn’t really know the importance of looking after your skin but as I’ve got older I’ve learnt how important it is and how just having a simple routine can make all the difference. Aww I’m so pleased, thanks for reading as always Sophie xx 🙂

    • Rosetintedpics says

      Aww thank you, I’m so pleased! Yes, I’d definitely recommend giving them a try-let me know if you do! I’ve been so impressed so far! Thanks for reading as always lovely xx

  3. TASH | ThoughtfulTash says

    I remember using these SO long ago, I’m in love with their new packaging! Loved reading this lil’ review, I’ve been meaning to switch up my skincare recently so I’ll definitely pop into Boots and pick a few of these up! The photos are gorgeous by the way lovely! xx

    • Rosetintedpics says

      Ahh me too, it’s gorgeous isn’t it! So pretty! Aww I’m so pleased, I’d definitely recommend giving them a try! Let me know if you do! Awh thank you so much as always Tash! xx 🙂

  4. Mollie says

    I have nominated you for The Blogger Recognition Award because I really love your blog! The link to my post is here-https://molliewesthead.wordpress.com/2017/09/07/blogger-recognition-award/ x

  5. Samantha Abbott says

    Yes I remember the old packaging but Love it when a brand revamps and relaunches. Always makes me sit up and take notice. I too have dry skin so these would be fab for me. The Rose toner particularly sounds lovely. The new packaging is gorgeous!

    Samantha x

    • Rosetintedpics says

      Yes, I’ve been so impressed with their new relaunch! So exciting! I’m so pleased, I’d definitely recommend giving them a try, especially the rose toner! It’s lovely isn’t it, so pretty! Thanks for reading Samantha xx

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