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    • Rosetintedpics says

      Aww haha thank you lovely! That’s alright, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’d definitely recommend trying it out, it’s such a gorgeous highlighter xx

    • Rosetintedpics says

      Yes, it’s so gorgeous isn’t it!! That’s great, I’ve received some compliments too so it must be good! It just seems to give your skin such a lovely natural glow while still being blinding, I’m obsessed! xx

    • Rosetintedpics says

      Aww thank you so much as always lovely!! I’d definitely recommend trying this highlighter as it gives your skin such a gorgeous natural glow but still blinding at the same time! Yes, it’s been lovely hasn’t it! Bring on the good weather! xx

  1. Sophie says

    I love highlighting!! I find that powders are easier, but for summer cream highlights give you so much glow!! My fave has to be the benefit watts up! It’s super golden but suits even my pale skin, and it is so long lasting! It compliments a tan so lovely!

    • Rosetintedpics says

      Yes!! I don’t feel like my makeup is complete without it now, I’m obsessed! Yes, I haven’t tried that many powder highlights so let me know if you have any that you would recommend! Yes, for Summer I love the effect cream/liquid highlights give your skin. Ooh thanks for letting me know, that sounds lovely! I’ve had my eye on Benefit high beam for a while but never got round to trying it out after falling in love with this one. I’d definitely recommend this Maybelline one though, it’s so gorgeous for the price! Thanks for reading Sophie xx

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