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  1. sprallice says

    Love the post! You did great on showing a big overview on how you decluttered, I can imagine it is hard to show how/what you are doing in photos compared to videos<3 Little random fun fact, "GODMORGON" means good morning in Swedish Xx

    • rosetintedpics says

      Aww thank you so much lovely, I really appreciate it. Yes it was haha, I tried to take a photo at each stage of what I was doing and hoped it made sense! Thanks for letting me know! xx

    • rosetintedpics says

      Aww haha thank you, yes I am very lucky! I feel much better now I have cleared out my collection though and I am going to try and keep it that way as I want my collection to be solely of products I actually use and love!! Thanks for reading lovely, I’m glad you enjoyed it xx

    • rosetintedpics says

      Aww haha thankyouu!! My collection was starting to get a bit too much but I feel so much happier now I know what I have and it’s all nice and organised again. I am hopefully going to try and keep it that way!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it and thanks for reading as always Tash xx

    • rosetintedpics says

      Aww haha, yes it was getting a bit too much but it feels so nice getting rid of all the products either I didn’t use or needing throwing away. Thanks for reading lovely xx

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