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    • rosetintedpics says

      Thank you so much lovely, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Aw bless you, that sound like a good idea. I would do the same if I had things on my laptop that I would want to keep. Although I do have a lot of photos on my laptop especially blog photos, they are mostly on my SD cards but I would have definitely included my laptop if I could have more items!! xx 🙂

  1. Jess says

    Great post. I think I’d save my laptop and folder cause all my contacts and pics are backed up on my phone. Plus I have tons of assignments on my laptop and important documents in my folder. Every other thing I guess is replaceable

    • rosetintedpics says

      Aw thank you! Ah yes that makes sense, I have some files on my laptop but not that many that I would need but that sounds like a fab idea! Thanks for reading lovely xx

  2. girly blogger says

    this was such a good read! i would definitely want to save the albums which include all my childhood memories and photos, my phone and of course my family would come first! xx


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