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  1. I don’t know, but I thought I should ask since I’m here, I’ve noticed that my blogs are not showing up in the reader expect for this last reblog, what could it be? You have any tips?

    • Aw haha I couldn’t agree more!! You can never go wrong with a classic nude lippy! You’re most welcome, I’m glad you found it useful! Let me know if you end up picking any of them up and thanks for reading Hun 💗💗

  2. I really want to try more Kate Moss lipsticks and also the Tanya Burr ones! They look so gorgeous xxxx

    • Aw that’s great, I’d definitely recommend them! Yes they are such gorgeous lipsticks, especially the Tanya Burr one if you can get your hands on it! Thanks for reading lovely xxx

    • Aw thankyou so much Hun, that’s great! They are definitely one of my favourite liquid lipstick formulas that are nice and affordable too! I hope you like it if you end up picking it up! Thankyou lovely, I hope you have an amazing week too xx

    • Aw no that’s a shame, I hope you manage to find one that works for you! Thankyou lovely, yes I love it but I appreciate that some products don’t work for everyone! Thanks for talking the time to read xx

  3. I haven’t tried any of the lipsticks you mentioned but I’m also starting to obsess over pink nude lipsticks. My favorite lipsticks right now are by Limecrime, the Matte velvetines. They are soo good and so worth to buy. They are so pigmented and feel so comfortable on the lips. 😍

    • Aw that’s great, yes they are lovely aren’t they! Although I love nude lipsticks, pinky nudes are definitely another one of my favourite shades to wear recently like the L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Gold Obsession Lipstick in the shade ‘Nude Gold.’ Ooh they sound lovely, thanks for letting me know!! I will definitely have to check those out as my lips always get very dry after wearing a liquid lipstick! Thanks for reading Hun xx

    • Aw that’s great, they are definitely one of my favourite liquid lipsticks that are nice and affordable! I love how the formula is non drying because my lips are always so dry after wearing a liquid lipstick!! I already own two of them but I definitely need to pick up more shades! Thanks for reading lovely xxx


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