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    • rosetintedpics says

      Aw thankyou, it’s such an amazing product that literally transforms my brows! The primer is also another great product that eventually is meant to make your brows into the shape you want and look thicker after using it a few times which I have noticed! Haha yes it definitely makes a difference! That sometimes happens to me too, I usually just get a wipe and clean round the edges and hope for the best!! xxx

  1. simpllyme says

    I’ve not tried any of the benefit brow products yet as they were quite expensive but now I really want to try them out if I can persuade my mum to let me do my brows. 😂

    Brilliant post by the way, I love the pictures,
    Somachi Xx

    • rosetintedpics says

      Aw yes, I’m sure there will be something that you would like as there are lots of products to choose from!! I’d definitely recommend their brow range even though they are on the more expensive side! Thankyou for reading Aleeha xx

    • rosetintedpics says

      Aw that’s great, I’d definitely recommend gimme brow if you don’t mind spending a bit more money because it’s such a great product that’s so quick and easy to use! Thanks for taking the time to read lovely xxx

  2. Sophie Maie says

    Oooooo I’ve been dying to try some of benefits brow products but they’re just so pricey, maybe one day I’ll save some money to buy them. Lovely review and photos as always xxx

    • rosetintedpics says

      Aw yes they definitely aren’t cheap! I put off buying them for so long so in the end I kindly received them for Christmas as it is quite a price to pay just for a few products! Awh thankyou so much lovely as always, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I hope you manage to get your hands on them in the future!! xxx

  3. 2girlstalkbeauty says

    Love this post , such great review , I recently got the Gimme brow and I love it and now after reading this review I think I might have to pick up the brow conditioning primer -it sounds fab xx

    • rosetintedpics says

      Aw thankyou so much lovely, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Yes it’s such a great product! I would never go back to using a brow powder after now trying the brow gel! That’s great, yes that’s also another lovely product which I would definitely recommend! Although at first I didn’t really think it would make a difference, I was surprised to see that it does when I use it underneath the brow gel!! I hope you like it if you end up picking it up, thanks for reading xxx

    • rosetintedpics says

      Aw thankyou Alice, yes it’s amazing isn’t it!! I can’t think of a brand that does brow products quite like them! I wish I had tried their brow products sooner! xxx

    • rosetintedpics says

      Yes I had always wanted to try them but only actually splurged on them a few weeks ago after just using ordinary brow kits! I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for some new brow products to try, I can’t rave about them enough!! Thanks for reading xx 🙂

    • rosetintedpics says

      Aw haha that’s great! I hope you like them if you end up picking them up! Thankyou so much lovely, I use canva.com to create my thumbnails/header images xx 🙂

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