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  1. nyonyawhitfield says

    Lovely post! Do you think the Benefit Give me brow really worth the splurge? They are quite expensive here in Indonesia. If you won’t mind, please check out my blog I have a review on Rosie Makeup which I think you’d love! x


    • rosetintedpics says

      Aw thankyou so much Hun, the benefit gimmie brow is certainly not cheap but in my personal opinion I would definitely recommend it! They also do mini sized ones available at Boots for £5 if you wanted to try it before buying the full size if you can get hold of it! If not, maybelline and a few other brands do brow gels. Of course, I’ll go and have a read! 💗💗

      • nyonyawhitfield says

        Ah just seen this, sorry!! I’ve tried the Maybelline and L’oreal brow gels, so bad for the brows.. I need to apply serum afterwards, of how drying they are. Might have to try the Benefit a go! x

        • rosetintedpics says

          That’s alright lovely, aw no that’s a shame! Thanks for letting me know!! Yes I’d definitely recommend it even though it is quite expensive, let me know if you end up picking it up! xxx

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