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    • rosetintedpics says

      Aw yes it’s lovely isn’t it! It is just christmas in a nail polish!! Aw lovely, I always get excited to paint mine too even if it ends up being a mess haha. Thanks for reading as always xxx

  1. Kirsty Angela says

    These all look amazing!! Barry M nail varnishes are some of my absolute favourites yet I’ve not tried many!! I’ll definitely have to get my hands on the sparkly one you showed here xxx

    • rosetintedpics says

      Awh thankyouu! Yes they are definitely my favourite brand of nail polishes too! Aw that’s great, it’s perfect for the festive season! I hope you like it if you manage to pick it up! Thanks for reading lovely xx

  2. thoughtfultash says

    Barry M is far by my favourite nail polish brand! I recently got my nails done with a shallac nail polish and it’s honestly amazing, I’ve been moving house and it hasn’t even chipped! But Barry M will always be a favourite of mine! Loved the post and pictures! xxx

    • rosetintedpics says

      Aw no haha that’s a shame! Barry M have a great range of polishes for affordable prices which I would definitely recommend! Their polishes always seem to last a good amount of time on my nails too! xxx

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