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  1. Carly♡ says

    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Real Neat Blogger award! I have a post with more details. Awesome post as well, I’m still amazed by your photos😍

    • rosetintedpics says

      Awh thankyou so much lovely! Ah yes a while ago they got in contact with me to ask if I’d like to join their Seventeen Blogger Network which is a program where they send you products on a regular basis for you to then write posts on. I have been working with them for quite some time now but unfortunately bloggers can’t join the network anymore due to them closing down the blogger network site last week. I think this was because they had too many people joining the network and they couldn’t afford to send that many people free samples for them to do blog posts on. Myself and a few blogging friends were disappointed but at the same time we are lucky that we joined before you could no longer sign up and it doesn’t effect working with them still so sorry about that! xxx

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