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  1. beautyandpizza says

    I love the Seventeen concealer I have at the moment. Next time I’m looking for a new one I think I might look at that! Because I’m also very pale 🙂 Great post btw 😉 x

  2. camsieb says

    Cool post. Is this the same seventeen that does the magazine? I love that it comes with a brush instead of one of those usual sponge tip applicators.

    • rosetintedpics says

      Thankyouu! I’m not sure if they are the same brand that does the magazine but it is Boots Uk’s own makeup brand. Yes it’s much better in a brush form! Thanks for reading Hun xx

  3. Blogginglittlebeautythings says

    I might have to pick up the concealer after this post it looks so creamy and as it’s a great match for pale skin tones! The lipsticks are great too I want to pick up some more as well as the liquid highlighter! Xxx 😘 ❤

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