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    • rosetintedpics says

      Aw haha yes I’m forever seeing things that I plan on getting when in reality it’s not going to happen lol! That’s why I create wish lists so I don’t give myself false hope!! Thanks for reading Hun xx

  1. Freya says

    This was such a cute post! So happy I found your blog, definitely going to be a regular reader! Numbers 10 and 2 are for sure my favourites, I might have to go on a cheeky shopping trip soon!

  2. Emma says

    I love those fairy lights 🙂 I’ve found some pretty ones in Home Bargain and B&M. Do you have those near you? they do some lovely stuff. and loads of copper bits in Home Bargains when I went yesterday 🙂 xx

    • rosetintedpics says

      Thankyou! I love fairy lights, I think they give such a nice touch to a room! Yes, thanks for letting me know I’ll have to have a browse! It sounds right up my street xx 🙂

  3. The Average Gurl says

    I have the worst obsession for stationary! I really want Gabbies stationary but they don’t sell it near any of the primarks near me😕 And love your wish list. Hopefully, you can get everything soon.

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