Benefit They’re Real Mascara Review!


Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well! Today I’m back with another review! I’m going to be sharing with you my thoughts on Benefit’s They’re Real mascara, I hope you enjoy lovelies…

Benefit Cosmetics is one of my favourite high end brands but as their products are on the pricey side, I didn’t want to splash out on the full sized mascara incase I didn’t end up liking it. I went for the mini size which is priced at £9.95 which I will link below along with the full sized.


The packaging of the mascara is sleek but bold at the same time. The packaging for the mini size is the same for the full sized if you are wondering! The mini only comes in one colour though which is black unlike the full sized. The actual size of the bottle is very small being the mini version so I was curious of how long it would last! I was surprised (in a good way) when this little bottle lasted me a little bit longer than a month!

On the box, the mascara claims:

-94% saw dramatic length and volume

-90% saw base to tip curl

-94% saw visible lift

-100% saw long-wearing results

Although I have naturally long lashes, I can still agree with most of these points! I definitely saw that this mascara gave me length and volume. I also agree with long wearing results as this didn’t flake off my lashes throughout the day which is a bonus! I would say this curled my lashes well but no better than my other mascaras do and it was harder to remove, which was what I expected.


The mascara wand is what I was most impressed with! The bristles go all the way along the wand, even on the end which enables it to reach all your eyelashes. I can’t say my eyelashes clumped and stuck together which is something I definitely look for in a mascara! Although I’d read that this mascara is meant to give you an almost false lash look, I was surprised again to find that it left my lashes looking quite natural. I’d say it lengthened them more than adding volume but it did still add volume. That was fine though because I still loved the look it gave my eyelashes.

Overall I love this mascara and would definitely recommend it to anyone! I might just have to break the bank and purchase the full sized one!!

Thankyou so much for reading as always and I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you’ve tried this mascara? or comment your favourite mascara below??

See you in my next post,

Amelia xx


Benefit They’re Real Mascara-Mini-£9.95

Benefit They’re Real Mascara-£19.50




  1. August 19, 2016 / 10:12 am

    just nominated you for the liebster award.xx

  2. August 19, 2016 / 9:19 am

    Loved your review & the pictures look stunning! How amazing is this mascara; completely in love !!

    • August 19, 2016 / 10:15 am

      Thankyou! That’s so nice of you! Yess it’s fab!! xx

  3. August 18, 2016 / 11:23 pm

    I love this one tooo 🙂 wonderful review 🙂

    • August 19, 2016 / 10:15 am

      That’s great! Thankyou lovely xx ☺️

  4. August 18, 2016 / 8:47 pm

    I have the They’re Real primer in brown and I adore it, it’s only a primer but it’s still better than most of my mascaras! x

    • August 18, 2016 / 9:55 pm

      That sounds great! Thanks for reading lovely xx

  5. August 18, 2016 / 2:13 pm

    I have this mascara and I lovee it, it is so good, but I use t for lengthen rather than volume, I have another one for that 🙂

    • August 18, 2016 / 7:16 pm

      Yes it has to be one of my favs!! Yeah I find it gives me more length than volume but that’s ok! Yes I tend to use another one too which does the job! Thanks for reading xx

  6. August 18, 2016 / 1:23 pm

    Loved your review! I have this mascara as well and it’s easily one of my favourites. I usually find that it gives a nice fuller lash effect after a few coats, you could always try using eyelash curlers too? ☺️ fab review

    Billie x

    • August 18, 2016 / 1:26 pm

      Awh thank you! That’s so nice of you, yes! I will try doing a few more coats, I don’t struggle with the length or having straight lashes, it’s more the volume! xxx 🙂

  7. August 18, 2016 / 12:04 pm

    I have the they’re real mini too! I have to agree with everything in this review, great post <3 🙂

    • August 18, 2016 / 12:33 pm

      Thankyou so much, that’s great! xx 🙂

  8. August 18, 2016 / 11:57 am

    LOVE this mascara, great post! X

    • August 18, 2016 / 12:03 pm

      Thankyou lovely! Yes I would definitely recommend it! xx

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