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  1. TrainOfThought says

    The pictures in this posts are really nice, seriously! So bright and cute and colourful. I can NEVER make my photos look that good, even witha good camera. But with your tips, I might be able to make them look a little more nicer.

    And i’m with you on the ‘sationery hoarder. I’m addicted to all things stationery. Pens, pencils, notebooks, cute little weird things that you never use, yeah!
    I use Canva, a lot! It’s such a lifesaver and so easy to use!
    I’m thinking of changing my blog name. I mean when I satrted my blog 7 months ago, I didn’t really give thought to my blog name but now I’m regretting it. It’s an okay name ‘MyBookyLife; but I want something better, but I don’t know what…

    I have come to love tagging, it helps me so much in terms of growing readers and I ALWAYS reply to comments because I treseaure them so much. When I got my first commment on my blog, a very short one, I WENT CRAZY, literally crazy! I still kinda go crazy but they’re more often now, dosen’t mean I still don’t savour and love how all my followers catually spend time on my blog :).

    This was so different to other ‘blogging tip’ posts I’ve read. Normally, they say the usual but i find your tips unique and fun, thanks!

    P.S Sorry, for such a long comment! 😀

    • rosetintedpics says

      Aw thank you so much, I bet your photos are great!! I’m so glad I could help! Yess I totally agree with stationary! I’m glad someones with me! That’s great, yes Canva is so good for bloggers! Aw yes let me know what you decide! It’s so nice to get comments I really appreciate it too! Hahaha same! That’s lovely, thanks again and no problem I enjoyed reading it! You’re most welcome! -Amelia xx 🙂

  2. girlybloggerweb says

    amazing! i don’t really read posts on tips for starting a blog (i had mine for a while now..) but this post is unique and your tips are so good for beginners and i enjoyed the part about how you make your posts and i will definitely start using canva once i get a new camera which brings me to the next question what camera should i get? i want a professional camera that is not so expensive. xx

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