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Hello everyone,

Today I’m going to be sharing with you my top 5 favourite pink lip products for Summer! I have been wearing these lip products a LOT recently so I thought I would let you know about them! I have also included lip swatches of the products so you can see what they look like on my lips! I hope you enjoy..(everything will be linked below)


  1. Collection Moisturising Lip Butter in the shade ’03-Vintage Rose’

This lip butter has a lovely ‘soft and creamy’ texture which I love. Although I don’t own many lip butters, whenever I wear this my lips always feel nice and moisturised! The shade is a subtle pink and has more of a glossy finish to normal lipsticks. This is priced at £2.99 which is also very affordable! Overall I would definitely recommend this product!

2. Tanya Burr Lip Gloss in the shade ‘First Date’

I mentioned this in my ‘Makeup Collection’ blog post a few weeks ago (see here) but as it is still one of my fav pink lip products I thought I would do a more in-depth review on it!

The shade itself is a very bright pastel pink, so I usually wear a bit of this on top of my Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 101 which I will be talking about next! I think they match together perfectly! (As seen below) At first with this lip gloss being from Tanya’s old range, I thought the formula would be on the sticky side but I actually haven’t found this an issue! These are sadly not available anymore in store as she has two new ranges out now, but I have linked the cheapest ones I could find on Amazon. I will also link her new collection down below as she still has lip glosses but in newer packaging!

Before I move onto the next products, can I just say how gorgeous is Tanya’s new range ‘Soft Luxe’!? Will definitely be purchasing some of her new products! Comment below what your favourite Tanya Burr product is??


3. Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in the shade ‘Soft Pink-101’

I have a fair few Kate Moss lipsticks but this one has to be my favourite one to wear in Summer! The shade is a lovely bright pop of pink! As you can tell by the name, it is a matte lipstick so if you’re not keen on matte, Rimmel also their ‘lasting finish’ lipsticks which aren’t matte. This is priced at £5.49.

4. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream In the Shade ‘Istanbul’ 

Some of you will already know my love for Nyx, but if you don’t know it is my favourite brand in the whole wide world! When Nyx came over to the UK I jumped on the bandwagon and purchased some of their products! This matte lip cream has pride of place in my makeup draw I love it that much!

The formula dries matte within seconds of applying in my personal experience and with it being a ‘cream’ although it is matte this doesn’t leave my lips feeling dry at all. After owning Kylie Lip kits, there are a near dupe if you can’t get hold of Kylie’s kits!! This is priced at £5.50.

5. Bourjois Rouge Edition 12 Heures Lipstick in the shade ’31-Beige Shooting’

This is a recent purchase of mine and I can’t stop wearing it!! The colour is actually a pretty close match to the Kate Moss lipstick but a bit darker! This claims to last ’12 hours’ which I can’t say I’ve tried, but it does seem to last quite a while on my lips! The formula glides on beautifully also, I don’t think I can fault this product! This is priced at £7.99 which is the most expensive out of the other products mentioned which suggests the higher quality! I also love the fact that the brand name’ Bourjois’ is engraved into the lipstick!

So that brings me to the end of my Favourite Summer Pinks! Thank you so much for reading as always and I hope you enjoyed this post!! Comment what your favourite pink lip product is to wear in Summer below as I’d love to know!? See you in my next post,

Amelia xx


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      Aw that’s great!! 🙂 Thanks for reading Sabrina xx

  1. Sania Abbas
    July 9, 2016 / 5:38 pm

    Really good post 👍👍

  2. July 9, 2016 / 4:33 pm

    Love this post! I really need to get some more lipsticks and glosses- I seem to only have red haha! xx

    • July 9, 2016 / 4:34 pm

      Thank you! Aw haha, I hope I helped! xx

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