Testing Primark’s new ‘Nudes’ Makeup Collection…KKW Beauty dupes?

A few months ago when cheeky little Primark’s latest ‘Nudes’ makeup collection launched, I genuinely had to do a double take to see if they were collaborating with Kim or something miraculous, but nope they…

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Blogging 3 Years Later…

Well, well, well, here we are, three years in. HOW CRAZY IS THAT? Happy birthday to us! Almost 3 years ago in April, little me from Yorkshire hit the publish button on my very first…

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Is Benefits ‘BADGal Bang’ WORTH THE HYPE?

If you are a makeup lover like myself, you may have seen the release of Benefit’s latest makeup product– the BADgal BANG mascara.  I happened to be having a mooch around Debenhams at the time and…

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Amazon Makeup Brushes-Buy or Bye?

Oh makeup brushes. Those vital products that vary so drastically in price. You can easily splurge £75 on one high-quality professional brush set, but you can also find something similar for under a tenner. So…

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17 things in 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE BEAUTS! Before I get started, I hope you all had the most amazing Christmas to those who celebrate and have had a lovely month in general spent with family and friends…

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