Is Benefits ‘BADGal Bang’ WORTH THE HYPE?

If you are a makeup lover like myself, you may have seen the release of Benefit’s latest makeup product– the BADgal BANG mascara.  I happened to be having a mooch around Debenhams at the time and treated myself (am I right ladies?) and popped it in my basket! This mascara retails at £21.50 which for me anyway, is quiteee a bit. Butt it was my lucky day and it was on offer at the time! I do find with Benefit that you get what you pay for and their products usually are worth the dollar dollar bills. So in my basket it went. After using it for the past two weeks now, I thought it was about time I shared with you my thoughts! If you are thinking about trying this mascara out, hopefully you will find this helpful to know whether or not you should splurge your pennies on it! View Post

Blogging Skills I Want To Improve On In 2018

The other day, I was reading  Sophie’s blog post all about the blogging skills she wants to improve on this year and thought it was such a good idea and actually found that most of the points she mentioned are fairly similar to the things I’m setting myself to improve on this year when it comes to blogging too. Although I started my blog at the start of 2016, there are still skills I would love to be able to learn more about and get better at doing. It got me thinking about which blogging skills I want to improve on in the coming months and thought I would share them with you!

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Over the years, I have tried and tested goodness knows how many different concealers from the drugstore and have tried and tried to find one that was my perfect match for my v pale skin, but I just really found myself settling for the ones I found were the closest matches, those being the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in the shade 10 and you guessed it, Collection Lasting Perfection in the shade ‘Fair’ which oxidises on me (although I know they have recently released some lighter shades!) When Makeup Revolution, which has really upped their game recently which I am totally here for, released The Conceal & Define concealer not so long ago, the beauty community including myself was left shookith.

Not to mention the wide variety of 18 shades Makeup Revolution has released in this concealer which caters for all skin tones from fair to deep, in cool, neutral and warm undertones which I what I like to see (yes Tarte, I’m referring to you hun) it is only £4.00!! Which makes it nice and affordable which is also something I’m always down for.  It really is “the concealer for everyone.

Although I’m sure you will have seen a load of reviews of this concealer floating around, I thought I’d share my thoughts anyway if this would be any use to any of you who are thinking of trying this concealer if you haven’t yet already!

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Putting The Maybelline Tattoo Brow To The Test…Does it work?!

Nowadays, there are tones of eyebrow products out there which makeup brands have released over the recent years and methods of shaping, tinting your eyebrows etc especially the likes of Benefit since brows took over the makeup world and really became a thing when the thin brows were deffos OUT and the arched, filled in brow was in (or what ever you prefer) still to this present day. However, although many various brow products have been released over the years from pencils, to powders and pomades (most of which I have tried) there has never been a product for my brows that I have gotten more excited for than when Maybelline released the ‘Tattoo Brow’ fairly recently which is a peel off semi-permanent tint which claims to tint and last on your brows for 3 dayssss. Now we’re talkin’.

After numerous times being close to adding it to my basket, the other day was finally the day I decided I’d just do it and see if it actually worked. I have now been using this Tattoo Brow for the past week or so, so I could really put it to the test and make a decision on my overall thoughts. I know I’m late to the trend of trying this product out but I thought I’d share my thoughts anyway encase you were or are thinking about giving it a go!

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Why I Made My New Year’s Resolution To Not Make Any At All

I don’t know about you but for me, the new year can seem quite daunting as well as all the positive that comes with the start to a new year, with ‘a new year, fresh start’ attitude where you want to make this the year that you do and achieve all the things you didn’t do last year. However, sometimes you just need to take a bit of a step back and not panic that January has already flown by and you didn’t write 20 blog posts.

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