Keeping My Skin Hydrated this Winter with Botanics

I don’t know about you, but my skin gets SO damn dry in the Winter months around this time of year, especially in times like now when the good old British weather throws at us dull wet days after day. It also doesn’t help when you try out a new face wash for a few days and don’t realise until the third day when you wake up and release that let’s say it has stripped your skin from its oils and clearly didn’t agree with your skin- big mistake. After plastering on vitamin E moisturisers, you name it, my skin was still as dry as the Sahara desert.

Anywayy, when I received another package from Botanics containing some of their organic nourishing products, it couldn’t have come at a better time thank the lord! After literally the first use of these beauties, my skin was finally restored to its normal self! Botanics products are also paraben free and promote themselves on reducing their impact on the planet which is what I like to hear am I right? So they are great for anyone with particularly sensitive skin! I thought I would do a little post on the products which I’ve recently added to my skincare routine, encase any of you are struggling with looking after your skin in the Winter months like moi…

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Amazon Makeup Brushes-Buy or Bye?

Oh makeup brushes. Those vital products that vary so drastically in price. You can easily splurge £75 on one high-quality professional brush set, but you can also find something similar for under a tenner. So what’s the tea? Are the more expensive versions worth the money, or do the much cheaper dupes do the same job? I thought the answer would be well duhh, surely not, but oh how I was wrong. I don’t know about you, but I love hopping on Amazon, where there is literally thousands of reviews on products, especially beauty products. So, when I saw that Amazon have their own (many) makeup brushes very similar to the likes of Zoeva and Sigma, which would also come in handy as cheap blog props, I couldn’t resist trying them for myself! I thought I would do my own lil’ review on these brushes and see what Amazon can produce when it comes to high-quality, low-cost makeup brush sets…

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Banana Bread Recipe with a Chocolate Twist

Once Christmas was over, I still had quite a few bananas left in the fruit bowl so I thought I’d make use of them and bake this good old-fashioned cake with a chocolate twist, because although Christmas might be over, I still needed to sneak a bit of chocolate in the recipe some how. This lovely, moist loaf, a sort of cross between banana bread and a drizzle cake, is so easy to bake, perfect for using up over-ripe bananas and can be served straight after baking or frozen. You can literally mix everything in one bowl and there are very few ingredients needed, which sounds like my kinda recipe. It was my first time making this fruity banana bread myself and it’s already a winner for me, and is a kinda healthy snack too. What’s not to love!  View Post

17 things in 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE BEAUTS! Before I get started, I hope you all had the most amazing Christmas to those who celebrate and have had a lovely month in general spent with family and friends or however you celebrated it! After a short break from blogging and eating one too many chocolates during Christmas time, I thought for the last blog post of this year, I would do a bit of a roundup post of 2017, like I’m sure you will have seen other bloggers doing lately. I have chosen 17 moments/events in 2017 to remember and look back on in the future which has made my year because 2017 has definitely been A YEAR. Even though it seems to have flown by to the point where I’m struggling to believe it really is going to be next year in a few hours, a heck of a lot has happened, good and bad but here are some of my fave moments that I won’t forget… View Post

XMAS Would You Rather
This year, I have been tagged by the lovely Alice from TheRoseGlow to do the Christmas Would You Rather Tag. Alice has started this little tag this year for other bloggers to join in with, by answering her Christmas related questions and to see how different people celebrate the big Christmas Day (which is now only 5 days away!!). Thank you again Alice for tagging me to do this post, I have thoroughly enjoyed answering your questions!

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