Christmas Wrapping the Traditional Way

I hope you are all having a wonderful countdown to Christmas so far! How is it only 9 days away!? It’s SO exciting but at the same time leaves me panicking about the fact that I still have some last-minute gifts to buy… Anyway something that I am actually ahead of the game on this year is wrapping (the presents I have got).) Despite being ill for the past week with a groggy viral infection, (I just love the freezing cold change in the weather) I thought I would get a bit of wrapping and card writing done, which if you know me, is one of the things I look forward to doing most around Christmas time sat in my crimbo pjs. I just love getting creative and making them all look pretty and festive! (well…I tried.) Compared to last year when I went for copper wrapping paper, the lot, this year I thought I would opt for a more traditional look with brown paper and the classic red ribbon, which is also recyclable! I thought I would do a lil’ post sharing with you how I’m wrapping my gifts this year if you’re looking for some last-minute inspo! View Post

For the Love of Festive Wallpapers

Christmas is cominggg, which means it’s that time again to deck out your desktop with a festive wallpaper. I’m forever changing my wallpaper and there’s nothing better than changing it with the seasons. Normally I spend ages going through Pinterest, but this year I thought I’d put together my own festive home made one (by moi). View Post

Creating a realistic revision plan

Hi loves, I hope you are all well! In my pervious post I spoke about wanting to create better content on my blog and really put in all the effort I can after having a lil’ break but since that post, I and everyone else in their final year of school have been hit with a load of mock exams in November (woohoo) which will be consuming most of my free time revising when I’d usually be blogging. Especially seen as it’s half term when I was looking forward to dedicating more time to my blog and having good old break from school work but hey ho that’s year 11 for ya. I thought instead of letting the revision take up all my free time, I would have a time of not revising (yes you heard it, having a break is allowed) and write this post on creating a realistic revision plan that you can stick to and tips that will hopefully help some of you who are studying for exams like myself, especially GCSE’s at the end of the year as I know I have found the idea of a lot of exams at once quite daunting!

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A Lil’ Life Update

It’s been a while lovely ones, but I’m so pleased to say after a few hectic weeks I’M BACK (woohoo) and I’m feeling more inspired than ever. It feels so good to be back sat writing a post again for what feels like blooming forever, even though it was only a few weeks ago. Still, taking any time off blogging is very rare for me and is something I always look forward to doing each week so to have no new posts for a while was very strange and I can only start with apologising for my absence lately. Since cooking up some choc chip cookies in my previous post, a few things have happened which made me realise that taking a lil’ bit of time off would be the best solution. I’m dying to get back into it now I’m refreshed and get my camera out again to create hopefully better content and put all the effort in I can more than before. Taking some time off to make time for school work with it being the start of my final school year (gulp) and to generally sit back and give myself a bit off me time has reminded me how lucky I am to have such an amazing community of followers (you guys) and how much you have enabled my blog and our community to grow from where I am now to where I was a good year and a half ago when I was a total newbie to blogging. It’s really made me realise how much I missed blogging and how I want to continue to improve and pursue it.

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My Self Tanning Routine

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well! I can’t believe its August already, where did July go!? I came back from my holiday in Menorca a few days ago and am already wishing I was back in the glorious sunshine unlike the typical British weather I was greeted to! Coming back from my holiday has thrown me off my usual routine, I feel as though I haven’t sat down and written a post in what seems like forever even though I was only gone a week! While I was away on my holls I managed to catch a slight natural tan but nothing that noticeable unfortunately so this year I thought I would brave it and try out a self/fake tan in the hope of looking a bit less pale this Summer. I’d heard great things about the Garnier Summer Body Lotion so I decided to go for this one and picked one up in the hope of achieving a ‘naturally sun kissed look.’ I must say I have been impressed with the results so far and thought I would share with you all the ins and outs of my self tanning routine that I have been doing recently and everything you need to know on how to achieve a natural looking tan without having to jet of to a place in the sun! View Post