Blogging 3 Years Later…

Well, well, well, here we are, three years in. HOW CRAZY IS THAT? Happy birthday to us! Almost 3 years ago in April, little me from Yorkshire hit the publish button on my very first blog post. Although this blog looks a tad different from what it looked like back in the day, when my younger self quite frankly didn’t know what she was doing, I’m still the same person behind it and have the same intentions. Today I thought I’d take you on a lil’ trip down memory lane from when I was a newbie to the blogging world and the beauty community, up to now (which there has hopefully been some improvement!) It got me thinking the other day when the dreaded email came through my inbox to tell me that my Site Ground yearly service hosting was due to expire (which my bank account always loves) and I honestly can’t believe the time has come around again!  View Post

Blogging Skills I Want To Improve On In 2018

The other day, I was reading  Sophie’s blog post all about the blogging skills she wants to improve on this year and thought it was such a good idea and actually found that most of the points she mentioned are fairly similar to the things I’m setting myself to improve on this year when it comes to blogging too. Although I started my blog at the start of 2016, there are still skills I would love to be able to learn more about and get better at doing. It got me thinking about which blogging skills I want to improve on in the coming months and thought I would share them with you!

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Why I Made My New Year’s Resolution To Not Make Any At All

I don’t know about you but for me, the new year can seem quite daunting as well as all the positive that comes with the start to a new year, with ‘a new year, fresh start’ attitude where you want to make this the year that you do and achieve all the things you didn’t do last year. However, sometimes you just need to take a bit of a step back and not panic that January has already flown by and you didn’t write 20 blog posts.

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17 things in 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE BEAUTS! Before I get started, I hope you all had the most amazing Christmas to those who celebrate and have had a lovely month in general spent with family and friends or however you celebrated it! After a short break from blogging and eating one too many chocolates during Christmas time, I thought for the last blog post of this year, I would do a bit of a roundup post of 2017, like I’m sure you will have seen other bloggers doing lately. I have chosen 17 moments/events in 2017 to remember and look back on in the future which has made my year because 2017 has definitely been A YEAR. Even though it seems to have flown by to the point where I’m struggling to believe it really is going to be next year in a few hours, a heck of a lot has happened, good and bad but here are some of my fave moments that I won’t forget… View Post

XMAS Would You Rather
This year, I have been tagged by the lovely Alice from TheRoseGlow to do the Christmas Would You Rather Tag. Alice has started this little tag this year for other bloggers to join in with, by answering her Christmas related questions and to see how different people celebrate the big Christmas Day (which is now only 5 days away!!). Thank you again Alice for tagging me to do this post, I have thoroughly enjoyed answering your questions!

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