OH HEY GURLLL. I know I’m a day late BUT the countdown to Christmas has officially begun and I’ve never been more excited and that’s not just for advent!! 😉 Before I get sidetracked onto all things christmassy (well technically it’s to do with Christmas) on Black Friday a few weeks ago I popped in (or should I say spent a good hour in) The Body Shop seen as they had a 40% sale on (yep you heard it) so naturally I couldn’t resist the bargains and picked up a few christmas prezzies and also treated myself to a few things to get stocked up. Although the sale is now over, I thought I would share with you the bits I got encase you were after some last minute Christmas gift inspiration seen as The Body Shop have a whole load of gifts this year for all ages. This is by no means sponsored but as I have sensitive skin I find The Body Shop’s products are one of the few that don’t irritate my skin which is fab and they are also doing a ‘Our Enrich Not Exploit Commitment’ scheme which helps reducing the environmental footprint and all kinds of great causes which can be found on their website.  View Post

The perfect scent with So…? Fragrance

So…? is a brand that people including me associate with their childhood, I mean who else remembers So…? Kiss Me fragrance? I remember thinking I was the bees knees at the time having my very own perfume when I was younger. Even now if one of my friends sprays a fragrance, everyone wants to know what it is and usually goes something like ‘OOOH that smells nice’ and before you know it, everyone ends up spraying it on themselves and we are all practically dying in the scent. Anyway, despite a body mist sometimes being seen as a younger product, I always have one in my handbag seen as the bottle won’t break and they are actually super handy to have in your bag for a refresh. This brings me onto a few months back when I noticed that So..? our favourite childhood brand had released a LOADD of new scents in their body mist range which I couldn’t resist picking up a few and trying out. I really feel they have turned a new direction with their branding and their latest launch of fragrances which I LOVE. All in all, the brand is just as sassy as it was back in the day when everyone would want to try your new scent in the changing rooms after a PE lesson but with a whole new look and approach.

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Botanics Skincare Review

Skincare is something that although I don’t speak about as much on my blog compared to makeup, it is the main priority for me when it comes down looking after your skin which I feel is so important. Before makeup, skincare always comes first. Every night when it’s that time to finally take your makeup off after a long day, I always, always make sure I clean my face before going to bed and do my skincare routine. This is the same for mornings, the first step when I get ready is doing my morning skincare routine before I think about applying makeup. This may seem tiresome and time consuming for those mornings when you are in a rush to get ready or on a night when you just want to get to bed and quickly take your makeup off but I can’t stress enough how important looking after your skin is guys & gals. I’m no expert but sticking to a skincare routine and looking after your skin will help you keep beautiful skin for the future & comes with lots more worthwhile benefits. View Post

New Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colours

As a liquid lipstick lover, whenever a brand releases a new range of liquid lippys I’m straight there to get my hands on them so recently when Rimmel released their own range of ‘Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colours’ I couldn’t resist picking up a few and adding them to my basket! Since the liquid lipstick trend, I have been practically converted to matte liquid lipsticks over a lipstick. 99% of the time I’ll be wearing a liquid lipstick so if I can find one that I love that doesn’t dry out my lips, I’m onto a winner! After trying these lippys out, I thought I would share with you my thoughts & opinions and if I would overall recommend them! View Post

Take your lashes to paradise with L’OREAL

Recently I’ve been trialling and testing a whole load of mascaras hoping and praying that I would find one that ticks all the boxes. Spending money on trying 10 different mascaras is going to amount to quite a bit of money going down the drain which to a student like myself can’t be money wasted. I’m going to hold my hands up and say that not one of the mascaras that I have tried have really wowed me but I just kept on mixing and matching between them each day until I was having a browse in my local drugstore a few days ago and saw that the new L’OREAL Paradise Extatic Mascara had been FINALLY realised in the UK from America. After seeing so many great reviews from American bloggers & vloggers on this mascara I was SO excited to finally get my hands on it. Along with the mascaras on the stand there was also the new brow pomades which I was temped by but managed to restrict myself to just the mascara even though the packaging was absolutely gorgeous! I thought I would share with you my opinions now I have had chance to try it out myself and potentially save you a bit of cash if you’re struggling to find a mascara that’s right for you! View Post