Jazz Up Your Nails for Summer With The NEW ‘Caribbean Collection’ by All That Jazz

After the recent bank holiday weekend, it really seemed like summer had finally hit the UK! I am beginning to think I was a little optimistic regarding the weather however for today’s blog post I have something really exciting to share with you!

A few weeks ago the lovely team at All That Jazz were kind enough to send me one of their NEW nail polish sets, *The Caribbean Collection. This has dropped just in time for the summer season and who doesn’t love having amazing nails during the summer?! All That Jazz are an award-winning brand that sells a variety of nail products ranging from glossy bolds, to glitters and metallics. Yes ladies, you heard it. This is a new nail polish brand to me and I have been so excited to test these pretty polishes for you and can now share my thoughts!

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Free Spring Desktop Wallpapers

Happy May guys and gals! I hope you are all well and are enjoying the beauttt sunshine! I thought I’d kick this month off with some new spring desktop wallpapers, free for you to download for personal use! I’ve made 3 downloadable backgrounds which include a lotta pink, grey & flowers. I hope you love them, and if you do choose one as your wallpaper, I’d love to know and which one you chose! View Post

Utterly Lemon Clotted Cream Cake Recipe

It’s been a hot minute since I did a spot of baking on my blog but look who’s back in the kitchen! I couldn’t not share with you how to bake this clotted cream cake with a citrus drizzle topped with chocolate that I baked the other afternoon, seen as I had some clotted cream left, which in my opinion is rather scrumptious. It is a twist on the classic drizzle cake which I am also partial to. If you are like me and are a lover of lemon, this take on a lemon drizzle cake recipe, full of citrus flavour will be right up your street – trust me. I promise you won’t regret making this which you can enjoy at the end with friends and family…or just yourself…same.

Instead of using icing, I decorated it with melted chocolate on top of the drizzle (made with a simple sugar and lemon mixture) because I just needed to sneak a bit of chocolate in the recipe somehow didn’t I. I love this recipe for a lazy Spring Sunday afternoon with a warm cuppa or even as a treat during the week for afternoon tea. What’s not to love!

Before we delve in, let’s just make this clear that I am by no means the Mary Berry of baking myself and it still tasted delish which is the main thing am I right? So this recipe is perfect for all baking abilities, quick to make and requires little fancy ingredients because no body has time for that.

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Bloggers Worth Subscribing To

I don’t know about you, but I always love having a bit of a blogging binge every now and again and catching up on the blogs I love and religiously read, as well as reading and discovering new blogs in the blogging world. I thought I would make made a list of bloggers I’ve been LAVING for the past few months that are definitely worth subscribing to, if you to are like moi and have started to invest your reading time into something that is a little bit more worthy. I always love getting notifications whenever these babes post and had to share them with you if you don’t already follow them!

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Blogging 3 Years Later…

Well, well, well, here we are, three years in. HOW CRAZY IS THAT? Happy birthday to us! Almost 3 years ago in April, little me from Yorkshire hit the publish button on my very first blog post. Although this blog looks a tad different from what it looked like back in the day, when my younger self quite frankly didn’t know what she was doing, I’m still the same person behind it and have the same intentions. Today I thought I’d take you on a lil’ trip down memory lane from when I was a newbie to the blogging world and the beauty community, up to now (which there has hopefully been some improvement!) It got me thinking the other day when the dreaded email came through my inbox to tell me that my Site Ground yearly service hosting was due to expire (which my bank account always loves) and I honestly can’t believe the time has come around again!  View Post